Performing is a vital element of the icandance approach. The performance allows the dancers to be visible, the journey they have embarked to be shared and for us, those who witness their dance, to be changed. Dancers share their inner stories through movement and find a means of expression and affirmation as they dance. Our dancers perform with and for their peers in each weekly session, which develops their skills and confidence.

A highlight of our year is our Annual Summer Performance in a theatre. The event brings the icandance community together in and through performance, to challenge society’s perceptions of both disability and dance. We also hold a Winter Awards Ceremony, where we recognise the achievements of each dancer as they present performances to friends and family members. You can find the evaluation of our 2023 show here and easy read here.

Throughout the year our youth performance group, iam Dance Company, shares our vision with the wider world through performing dances at festivals and events.

We believe that audiences and dancers are mutually impacted by performance. We actively seek opportunities for our dancers to participate in performances, large and small,  and partnerships with other professionals and organisations which can support this.