icandance believes
in the power of dance
and its ability to
support well-being.

icandance believes in the power of dance  and its ability to support well-being.

Nurturing creativity, learning and wellbeing in children and young people with disabilities through dance and movement.


Nurturing creativity, learning and wellbeing in children and young people with disabilities through dance and movement.


icandance was established in September 2006 by Founder and Principal Juliet Diener with the vision to make dance accessible for all. Believing in the power of dance and its ability to support well-being icandance’s mission is to nurture creativity, learning and wellbeing through dance and movement.

icandance believes that as we nurture these core values in children, young people, their families and the professionals who care for them it will:

  • improve lives
  • change perspectives
  • support communities and
  • inspire change

icandance makes this possible.

icandance offers weekly group dance classes for children and young people aged 4 to 25 years with varying needs including complex, profound and multiple disabilities. We create performance opportunities and weekly sessions are held in schools as well as Saturday dance sessions and a week-long Summer school, family discos, sibling days and the highlight of our dance calendar, our Annual Performance. The Annual Performance is held in theatre and is a celebration of the year’s work.
We also offer a Winter awards ceremony, where we celebrate the achievements of each dancer combined with a Christmas performance by the dancers. We reach approximately 140 disabled children and their families each week.

Our dance approach is varied but focuses on the use of ballet in the group sessions.

We offer individual Dance Movement Psychotherapy sessions at schools and in various settings for those with disabilities and their families. These sessions offer individuals, siblings and parent’s opportunities to explore the challenges of living with a disability in a creative, embodied way. Sessions are led by a skilled practitioner working towards developing a creative, therapeutic relationship to support wellbeing.

Our Approach

Our method draws on skills from Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Special Educational Techniques and dance. Our method is integrated, child-centred and is delivered in a safe, nurturing relationship. Relationship is key to our approach and we use non-verbal strategies to create relationships which enhance learning, develop creativity and offer a sense of wellbeing for all involved. icandance staff are skilled Dance Movement Psychotherapists, Dance/Performing artists and Special educational needs and disability (SEND) specialists. Our approach is unique and sensitively targeted to meet the needs of the individual as well as the group.

icandance classes are inclusive, child-centred and focus on creating a supportive community for the children as well as the families. icandance provides each child with a specialist support worker who caters to their needs and guarantees that no child is ‘left behind’ and that all are included, working at their pace. This allows them to grow in confidence within a supportive, nurturing environment. Our approach aims to model and encourage social interaction offering opportunities for the children to meet peers within a fun, non-threatening environment. This supports the families in feeling part of an inclusive community. Working towards the Annual Performance encourages and extends each child to reach a goal and be part of a positive group experience. Staff work both on developing each dancer’s movement skills and their emotional readiness for the Annual Performance. For many of our dancers this is their greatest challenge. Being part of the Annual Performance is a huge achievement for each dancer as they are applauded and celebrated. icandance sessions offer families respite whilst their child is engaged in a fun, creative activity. Most of our dancers would not be able to engage in dance anywhere other than at icandance.


Originally from South Africa, Juliet’s love for dance and movement began in her initial training as a Ballet and Flamenco dancer which led to her qualification as a Cecchetti ballet teacher. Whilst continuing to pursue dance, Juliet followed her other passion –teaching. She trained and taught in South Africa both in Primary and Secondary schools before moving to London in 1999. When in 

London Juliet worked in mainstream and specialist schools in management positions.

Whilst teaching in various educational settings in London, Juliet also continued her love for dance by teaching ballet in the evenings and weekends. A desire to create a bridge between her skills in education and dance, Juliet decided to retrain as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. Having worked in various mental health and educational settings with groups, individuals and families for over 15 years Juliet’s particular area of interest and expertise is working with families, children and professionals in living with disabilities.

Believing in the power of dance and its ability to promote wellbeing and support community development Juliet founded icandance.

Juliet continues to supervise, lecture and offer trainings combining her various areas of expertise and experience.


Our Team

Management Team

Juliet Diener

Founder and Principal

Lewis Dryburgh

Operations Manager

Penny Koulias

Creative Team

Yasmin Gal

Dance Facilitator and Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Lara Hayes

Dance Facilitator 

Fiona Wood

Dance Facilitator and Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Lisa Ors

Creative Facilitator and Volunteer Mentor 

Therapy Team

Juliet Diener

Principal and Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor 

Annemarie Bos

Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Dr Sara Bannerman-Haig

Clinical Consultant/Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist 

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