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Working in settings offering individual therapy and cognitive sessions with young people with disabilities, I realised some of them would benefit from attending a fun, social , group dance class. I felt they needed to take the skills that the specialised individual sessions had offered them and embody their learning in a social, group session with their peers supported by thoughtful staff. So I would advise parents to take their child to dance! They would all respond that there was nothing out there that was suitable to cater to their child’s needs. So I decided to start icandance to meet that need in the community. Having experienced the joy and positive influence of dance in my life and wanting to make that possible for others, icandance was born. icandance is a perfect integration of all my passions having trained in ballet, teaching and therapy. The ‘I’ represents the individual child and their wellbeing, the ‘can’ is the learning and educational tools needed to best support the child and the ‘dance’  specifically ballet and creative movement which offers a means to express themselves. Our first sessions consisted of me, one other staff member and 5 children. Though we have grown considerably since those early days, the philosophy remains the same and the attention to each child’s needs continues as they experience the joy of dance. It’s amazing what can grow from an idea, a desire , a passion, hard work and a whole lot of magic!
Juliet Diener, Founder of icandance 

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