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icandance is a creative therapeutic community that caters for the needs of young people with severe disabilities and medical needs that can’t access mainstream dance opportunities, through a specialised approach in dance and performance.

We engage with approximately 300 young people weekly, across London, through specialised programmes that are tailored to their individual needs and target their wellbeing, learning and creativity.

By offering 1-1 specialist support, we ensure that every one of our young dancers feels fully included and empowered to unlock their true potential, removing any social barriers.

Every donation is an opportunity for you to become part of our mission and make an impact in the lives of disabled children and young people. icandance is striving to remove and challenge society’s perception of dance and disability and together we can reimagine a more truly inclusive world.

A disabled child’s dream for a more equal future starts here.


Covers 1 session of 1-1 specialist support for a disabled dancer


Covers a young person's 1 hour dance session


Covers a disabled dancer's opportunity to perform on a professional stage with costumes and specialist support